4 Ton Inflatable Car Jack/ Exhaust Pump Kit

by Telawei
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The jack is a precision tool which has the capability to lift the vehicle to enable an extraction from a stuck situation miles from anywhere using only the exhaust fumes from the vehicle. You can make use of it, such as beach driving, snow, mud and slightly sloping ground.

Save yourself time and energy by using the Exhaust Air Jack instead of a regular jack when it comes to changing a wheel. It will safely lift your vehicle up in seconds, it is also simple to use without risk of damage to your vehicle. Constructed of the most durable 2000 Denier Nylon sandwiched between hard wearing tear resistant PVC, our exhaust jack will inflate to lift 4T safely and quickly no matter the surface. Air jack use the vehicle's own exhaust to inflate the jack body, which is capable of lifting vehicle out of ruts or holes.


  • Simple to use and high efficient;
  • Safely lift your vehicle up out of a rut or bog in seconds;
  • Simple to use without the risk of damage to your vehicle;
  • It can also be used on Trailers, Caravans and farming equipment when necessary.
  • This easy to use Exhaust Air Jack is an essential piece of kit to have in your vehicle for those unexpected emergencies
  • Suitable for beach driving, snow, mud and slightly sloping ground



Capacity:  4 Tonne (8800LBS)

Exhaust Hose LengthLong: 5.25 Meters (17.22 feet)

Exhaust Hose LengthShort: 1.07 Meters (3.51 feet)

Material: High tenacity 2000 denier nylon with plasticized PVC

Inflated dimensions(Height): 880mm*280mm 

Protection mat dimensions: 650mm x 750mm


What’s included?

1x Air/Exhaust Jack

1x Carry Bag

2x Protective Mats

2x Exhaust Hose

2x Gloves

1x Gas valve

1 x puncture repair kit (3 patches)

2x Leakproof air cushion


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