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Welcome to Dave’s Auto Accessories

Dave’s Auto Accessories is fully dedicated to restoring your damaged vehicle to its original condition. With over a decade years of experience, highly trained technicians, and the best available materials in the collision industry, we are very confident in our repairs. Please, visit our facility for a free estimate and see why we pride ourselves in what we do. We want to earn your business as a number one auto body repair place for all your collision needs.
Our great location in the heart of LOS ANGELES
We are conveniently located just off 110 Fwy at 1226 E FLORENCE LOS ANGELES CA 90001

Frame Repair

One of the most critical repair works we do is on the frame or the inner structure of the car. It is important to bear in mind that vehicles differ in their frame structures. Pickup trucks, for instance, have a heavy duty bolted steel frame which is built in several separate pieces. Many cars, on the other hand, have frames made with HSS (or High Strength Steel), and have more complex requirements. Manufacturers such as Jaguar and BMW have aluminum frames and specify a strict set of guidelines for repairing their cars. They grant their guidelines only to those who have the requisite certifications top reconstruct manufactured cars.

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Body Repair

This is important because if their guidelines are not adhered to, the cars don’t function. At World Auto Body, we have all the mandatory certifications that are required from us, which allude to our craftsmanship and professionalism. It requires years of experience to perfect body repairs in vehicles, to ensure that the vehicle looks just the same as it did before the accident. One the most skilled technicians can ensure that the vehicle is reconstructed and the work done with the precise OEM fit.


Dave’s Auto Accessories has state of the art products and has certified paint experts that will ensure a paint finish better than the factory paint job, guaranteed! We use advanced spray booths with ovens to ensure rapid, flawless paint jobs; and mixing rooms to ensure perfect paint matches. Using only the highest quality automotive paint to ensure our mixes are consistent in quality, density, and appearance, we always make sure we have all our tools cleaned, calibrated and ready for action!

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Vehicle inspection

Our inspections at each stage of the process are extremely rigorous. We follow the strictest standards during the final vehicle inspection, which, more often than not, is over and above the requirements suggested by the manufacturers themselves. We ensure that nothing gets missed in the whole process, and offer a warranty after the final inspection to ensure further protection for our customers. Please let us know at the earliest if you have any queries about the warranty, as each part and service may differ in their warranty specifications.


The most important thing to us is to get the best possible return for our business clients and their marketing dollars, all the while building long lasting business relationships. If your business succeeds, we succeed.Everything we do is based on integrity and quality. When we producea vehicle wrap, it’s not just a reflection of your business,but also a reflection of ours. We refuse to put out anything less than top-quality products. Mistakes happen, but they don’t leave our shop.


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